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Just a sea of clouds over Lake Tahoe

 Peter Thoeny – Quality HDR Photography via Compfight

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Arnold, Kris. Beach. 5 March 2012. Flickr. 20 January 2017.

narendra44mail. Fish. 14 January 2014. Flickr. 20 January 2017.

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Connecting on Twitter

During these past few weeks I have been doing a project called Genius Hour. My project was on water skiing and I wanted to know more information about it but from a different source, so I used twitter to communicate with experts.

I started following ten people on twitter of whom work in that field. I started to familiarize myself with them by liking their posted or writing a thank you post for the tweets they wrote about my subject. I made a list which contained ten people of which I thought were good for this project so that I could see all of their tweets at the same time. I started following @waterskiseth, @Jez_NR, @maustindesigns, @CParrish43, @AdamSedlmajer, @Swini_skis, @jMacSkis, @jaretllewellyn, @alexpoteau, and @BallOfSpray. I followed these people because when I looked at their feed they posted a lot of videos, posts and pictures of water skiing, so I understood that they worked in that field or enjoyed doing this very much but knew a lot about it.

These people relate to my Genius Hour Project because my project is water skiing and they talk a lot about the competitions and basic facts about it so during the process it helped me learn more about that field. Later on when I had tweeted more thank you posts I started asking them question to become more familiarized with my subject, to do so I wrote tweets and mentioned them in it. I wrote a different question for each person that way I could get a bigger variety of information. Some of the information I asked them was how to turn while slalom skiing, or how to keep your balance for a long time, what is the correct form to use, what their favorite thing is about water skiing, what is the most challenging part is about it.

This would help me in my project because it would allow me to learn how to get better form and understand how to stay up longer or to turn. This also, would have helped me understand what to look forward to or what I need to look out for, to sum it up it gave me more in depth information about how it works and how you do it.

Although this sounds like a great way to gather information it is not always useful because not everyone answers, sometimes no one replies.

While doing this I only got one response from @waterskiseth. It may not seem like a lot but he replied to my question in depth and made it clear so it gave me a better understanding. He was generous to respond to the question step by step since in twitter you can only post or reply within 140 characters so he replied in three comments. However during this experiment none of them followed me back which is not always necessary because I just mentioned them in the post so they are able to see it. They did not offer any more assistance they just simply replied to the question.

After the one person replied I did not continue the conversation or asked more questions because I didn’t have anymore and I was hoping the others would reply over the break since they usually have more time to check their social media.

This is a very helpful way of getting information which could help many people in different projects. This could help in the future because if you have a project that requires a lot of research you could find people in that field to help you out and give you more information. In addition to this they could give you feedback on anything you need help with.

here is the link to the image

If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments.

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